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JanDarpan {Jan - People/Community; Darpan - Mirror} is a monthly magazine published in Brentwood, Tennessee, that mirrors South Asian culture in the U.S. It is available free in stores and restaurants in Tennessee. It is also mailed to subscribers.

JanDarpan strives to be informative, educational, and entertaining. Each issue features news and newsmakers (Samachar), community events, business & political profiles, immigration issues, as well as health & nutrition. India's cultural heritage is reflected through cultural & religious festivals, cuisine & recipes, music, contests, and movie reviews with a focus on Bollywood. A prominent feature of the magazine consists of advertisements and classifieds for a wide range of businesses, including medical, legal, financial and insurance services as well as restaurants, jewelry, and other wholesale stores. JanDarpan is the best vehicle for advertising to South Asian consumers.

South Asians are among the most affluent and fastest growing immigrant groups in the United States:

  • Annual household income of $66,000 (well above the national average)
  • Highest educational qualifications of all immigrant groups
  • Largest number of non-immigrant H1-visa professionals
  • Among the largest foreign student populations
  • Owners of 50% of all economy lodges and 35% of all hotels
  • 7% of high-tech Silicon Valley firms are led by South Asian CEOs
  • Largest number of foreign-born physicians

    JanDarpan is the only South Asian publication available in Tennessee.

    Reasons to advertise with JanDarpan:

  • The only South Asian publication available in Tennessee.
  • As a monthly publication, it has a long shelf life, giving the advertiser more value for your investment
  • A wide range of affordable advertising choices and rates to fit every budget
  • Extensive publishing experience

    Advertisement Rates

    Please call Nayana Shetkar 615-815-1655 for advertisement details.

    Free 4-Color Processing (Call for Premium Page Pricing)
    Jandarpan.com online banner: $ 1 per day $365 per year
    Jandarpan online or printed business directory (Ask about current rates)
    Advance payment via credit card or check payable to JanDarpan, LLC
    Advertise with us and reach thousands...
  • JanDarpan, printed magazine (distributed in all major cities in Tennessee)
  • JanDarpan Online, digital magazine (www.jandarpan.com click on JanDarpan Online) http://www.jandarpan.com/currentMag/index.html


    • Payments are due in advance, by the 18th of the month preceding the ad, failure of which will be reason enough to withhold the ad.
    • If an advertiser cancels an ad prior to completion of contracted term, the advertiser will be charged the full non-discounted rate for the ads that have already run. The difference between the contracted rate and non-discounted rate must be paid within 30 days of cancellation.
    • Notification of ad changes and/or cancellations must be received in writing no later than the 18th of the prior month.
    • JanDarpan is not responsible for errors when ad has been approved by advertiser, or approval waived, or if ad changes are received after 18th of the month. In case of a materially substantial error, JanDarpan's liability is limited to the replacement value of the ad. JanDarpan assumes no liabilities whatsoever for ads supplied by client in acceptable camera-ready format.
    • For ads that are created by JanDarpan (i.e. not provided Camera-Ready by client) will incur an artwork charge of the greatest of $20 or 15% of amount of first ad. Charges for changes in the ad in subsequent issues depend on the magnitude of changes.
    • Unless a premium spot has been contracted for, your ad may appear on any page of the magazine.
    • JanDarpan accepts no liabilities for products and/or services advertised. You agree and understand to indemnify us and withdraw any and all claims of liability, slander or false/misleading information that may be contained in your ad.

    JanDarpan, LLC
    9705 Tanglewood Lane
    Brentwood TN 37027
    Tel: 615-815-1655
    Fax: 615-829-8704

    E-mail: editor@jandarpan.com
    Home Page: www.jandarpan.com

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