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5 Most Dangerous Computer Crimes

May 10, 2012

Cyber crime is on the rise and anti-social activities have been widespreading globally and as matter of fact India has been witnessing a rise in the cyber crimes in the recent past. Every time one jumps on to surf the wonderful World Wide Web they are susceptible to a cyber crime! Understanding the top five computer crimes is valuable information for the novice and even expert internet surfer reports slideshare.com

Below listed are the top 5 computer crimes

# 1 Child Pornography
Sad but true, child pornography makes this list. Child pornography is among the fastest growing criminal segments on the Internet. Child pornography is publishing and transmitting obscene material of children in electronic form. In recent years child pornography has increased due to the easy access of the internet, & easily available videos on the internet. Child pornography is a crime in India. Information Technology Act, 2000 & Indian Penal Code, 1860 provides protection from child pornography. Child is the person who is below the age of 18 years reports indianchild.com, according to sources it is estimated that over 20,000 images of child pornography are posted online weekly.

#2 Software Piracy
Software Piracy is amongst the most common cyber crime which can be defined as "copying and using commercial software purchased by someone else". Software piracy is illegal and a big loss for the company producing the software as each pirated piece of software takes away from company profits. However it is legal to make backup copies after you purchase software but if you give one to a friend it is considered a crime. (Selling a copy is also illegal)

#3 Malware
Malicious Software (Malware) tops the list of computer crimes as it enables cyber crime on a massive scale. Malware can be of different types like Trojans, viruses, worms and any other software that attaches to a computer without individuals being aware of its presence. Unlike the traditional malware and viruses there are new category malwares that infect your pc and you may not even realize it. Most of them are invisible and hard-to-spot malware can also be extremely hard to remove.

#4 Identity Theft
Identity theft while not always computer related is often committed through the use of computers. Millions have been a victim of identity theft across the globe. Identity theft is committed with an intention to acquire your personal information, without your knowledge and uses it in an offendable way to commit fraud.

#5 Cyberstalking
Cyberstalking can be defined as using the internet to harass. In most cases victims have very little information about the harassers, however don't start counting out that old flame yet!

By SiliconIndia

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